Sodium Metabisulfite

Sodium Metabisulfite

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Sodium Metabisulfite

  • Product Name: sodium metabisulfite
  • Appearance: white crystalline powder
  • Package: 25kg pp bag or 1000kgs ton bag
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    Sodium Metabisulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystal, with strong odor of SO2, specific gravity of 1.4, soluble in water, the aqueous solution is acidic, contact with strong acid will release SO2 and generate corresponding salts, long time in the air, it will be oxidized to na2s2o6, so the product can not survive for a long time. When the temperature is higher than 150 ℃, SO2 will be decomposed.


    1.Bleaching agent (e.g. candies, cake, bamboo shoots)
    2.Loosening agent (e.g. bread, cracker)
    3.Antiseptic and germicide (e.g. fruit juice, tinned food brews, the cereals food)
    4.Inhibitor and freshen agent (e.g. day lily, seafood, fruitand vegetable)


    Item Standard Test Results Conclusion
    Na2S2O5(%) ≥96.5 97.9 qualified
    As(mg/kg) ≤1 0.011 qualified
    Heavy metal(Pb mg/kg) ≤5.0 <5 qualified
    Fe(%) ≤0.003 0.0021 qualified

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