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  • Calcium Acetate

    Calcium Acetate

    Calcium Acetate price as the food additive is white needle-like crystals, granules or powder. Slight acidodor. Slightly bitter taste. Vulnerable to moisture. Below 150 °C does not lose all moisture, such as heat to 160 °C, decomposition into acetone and iodine, calcium. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. 0.2mol/L aqueous solution of pH 7.3. Packaging & Shipping Packing: 25kg packed in paper-drums, carton, bags. Shipping: EMS,DHL,By Sea ,etc. According to negotiation 1. Calcium...
  • Ammonium chloride

    Ammonium chloride

    Ammonium chloride NH4CL granular White crystal powder or granule; odorless, taste with salt and cool. Easy agglomerating after moisture absorption, soluble in water, glycerol and ammonia, is insoluble in ethanol, acetone and ethyl, it distillates at 350 and was weak acid in aqueous solution. Of ferrous metals and other metals are corrosive, in particular, greater corrosion of copper, non-corrosive effect of pig iron. Agriculture grade Ammonium chloride application: Agriculture grade Ammonium...
  • Sodium Erythorbate

    Sodium Erythorbate

    Sodium Erythorbate Packaging 25KG/ carton Sodium Erythorbate Storage keep low-temperature drying and avoid sunlight Sodium Erythorbate is White crystalline powder,Slightly salty. It is quite stable in the air in a dry state. But in solution, it will deteriorate in the presence of air, trace metals, heat and light. Melting point above 200 ℃ (decomposition). Easily soluble in water (17g / 100m1). Almost insoluble in ethanol. The pH value of the 2% aqueous solution is 5.5 to 8.0. Used as food...
  • Calcium Propionate

    Calcium Propionate

    white crystal granules or crystalline powder. odorless; has hygroscopicity, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohols. Packing of Calcium propionate:  25kg per kraft bag 17MT/20’FCL without pallet. (powder) 14mt net per 20’FCL with pallet.(powder) 20mt net per 20’FCL without pallet. (granule) 16mt net per 20’FCL with pallet.(granule) Storage & Transport of Calcium propionate:  Stored in dry, draughty and clean warehouse; protect against dampness and heating; kept away from toxic arti...
  • Sodium Lactate

    Sodium Lactate

    Description   Sodium Lactate 867-56-1,72-17-3 is the sodium salt of L(+) lactic acid produced by fermentation. It is a clear, hygroscopic and syrupy solution. Sodium lactate is registered in Europe as a food additive with the reference E325. This product complies with the specifications of the Food Chemical Codex (FCC V). Physical-chemical properties Chemical name 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid, monosodium salt Molecular Weight 112.06 g/mol Molecular Formula C3H5O3 Na     Registration...
  • Acidity Regulator BP98 Grade Crystalline Powder 99%min Sodium Citrate

    Acidity Regulator BP98 Grade Crystalline Powder 99%min Sodium Citrate

    Particle size:12-40mesh, 30- 100mesh food grade BP98/usp Packing: 25kg/bag Shelf life:2 years Packaging & Shipping Packaging : 25kg/bag,25mt/20′FCL Lead Time: 10 days after receiving prement Sodium citrate is used to enhance flavor and maintain stability of active ingredients in food and beverage in detergent industry, it can replace Sodium tripolyphosphate as a kind of safe detergent it can aloe be used in fermentation, injection, photography and metal plating. (1)In food industry:...
  • Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate

    Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate

    Food Additive Sodium Succinate Dibasic/Disodium Succinate Disodium succinate, abbreviated as WSA, commonly known as scallop, is a scented agent widely used in seasonings. It is more commonly found in seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, and crabs, and plays an important role in the delicious taste of such foods. In addition, disodium succinate is also present in other plants, such as mushrooms. China’s food additive hygiene standards stipulate that it can be used in condiments. Disodium s...
  • Magnesium Chloride

    Magnesium Chloride

    1.Coal mine : fire retardant uesd in cool mine 2.Water treatment: magnesium chloride itself can quickly remove the impurities in the water , and it does not cause two pollution. it is especially suitable for the treatment of large soale polluted water safer. 3.Being the important inorganic raw material in chemical industry,it is used for producing magnesium compounds such as magnesium carbonic acid,magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide,etc.. 4.In metallurgy industry it is used to pro...